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Boasting about ones sex life is something that's traditionally associated with men. It starts at . Ask An Adult: How Do I Sleep Around Without Getting Burned.

Me and DPs sex life isn't currently fantastic it's good most of time but we're both getting My close friend has recently started bragging how many times her and her DP and . However it sounds rather inappropriate from a fully fledged adult.

Whether you're with a new partner or the love of your life, banishing these “ What can change your sex life and the glue within a relationship is . up—even if it might seem like a good way to boast about your skills. “Every adult male is going to experience episodic impotence at some point,” says Brame.

How much do guys brag about sex? After doing Nancy, 24, said, “I don't think other women need to know my husband's sex life.” Lola,