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Battered virgin bridge assaults husband Mnombo Madyibi after his has a big penis – long like a cucumber and hairy and scary like a bush.

A VIRGIN bride battered her husband on their honeymoon because of his monster member. She branded it a "hairy, scary cucumber", far too big for her to handle. And she feared it would destroy her vagina when the footballer tried to score with her for the first time.

A virgin bride in South Africa was so terrified upon seeing her husband’s large manhood for the first time that she attacked him on their honeymoon. The wife, whose identity has not been revealed, described her husband’s penis as a ‘hairy, scary cucumber’. Reportedly, he was dubbed.

Scared Bride Smashes Her Husband Over the Head with a Wine Bottle After Seeing His Big Ol D*ck on Their Honeymoon [Photo]. cucumber-penis