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Apples to Apples is a party game originally published by Hasbro, and now published by Mattel. red cards (red apples) each of which has a noun printed on one side. available adding 72 extra green apple cards and extra red apple cards Cards Against Humanity – a similar game, but oriented for the adult.

The Apples to Apples Party Box comes with Red Apple Cards, 63 Green . which by the way we love to play, but it's absolutely an adults only game LOL.

of Hilarious Com par i sons! Ages 12 to Adult. 4–10 Players. WINNING THE GAME. Number of Players Green Apple Cards Needed to Win. 4. 8 The judge deals seven red apple cards, face down, to each player. (including him or her self ).

Ages 12 to Adult. Players. Starting the Game. Playing the Game. Quick Pick Option: What's in the Box. • Red/Green Apple Cards. • Sour Apple Spinner.