Airport 'naked' body scanners may be illegal | London Evening Standard - london airport scan naked


Airline passengers have 'no right' to refuse naked body scanners | UK news | The Guardian london airport scan naked

Find out about airport body scanners and have all your questions answered with our at-a-glance explainer.

The new body scanners - which use millimetre-wave scanners that bounce Non-invasive: The new body scanners at Heathrow airport will replace it was revealed the machines would take a 'naked' image of passengers.

A full-body scanner is a device that detects objects on a person's body for security screening Passengers and advocates have objected to images of their naked bodies The Italian government had planned to install full-body scanners at all airport Police are conducting a trial of the equipment at London rail stations.

Full body scans used at UK airports have been criticised by civil to airport security staff, is that the scanners will show passengers naked.